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Welcome, dear friends!yullia gal

yullia school is Israel’s alma mater of beauty industry professionals. The school is a part of yullia family, that includes 12 premium beauty salons all around Israel.
Over our 20-year history we’ve managed to gain an impeccable reputation, which is of the sincerest pride and greatest value to us.
Our formula for quality and success is based on three guiding principles. The first two are the best equipment and exclusive cosmetics by top brands. The third and the most important one is our team of highly competent, attentive, skilled and experienced professionals of the beauty industry.
At one of the key points of yullia brand’s development we decided to independently train our future employees. It is the best way to be confident in the qualification of the stuff and it is the story of yullia school foundation.
All our coaches are experienced practicing specialists who have achieved great success and recognition in their field. National trendsetters and international contest winners are among them and willing to share the knowledge and skills.
We offer full-fledged training programs for entry level students in 13 fields of studies.
All the essential materials and tools for studies are provided by the School at the very first lesson and included in the course price.
Course language choice is one of our unique advantages, notedly relevant for new immigrants.
Successful graduates receive an internationally recognized certificate, that allows to work in a new profession anywhere on the globe. It is your choice – to get a job in a salon or start your own business. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills you receive at yullia school is enough for both options.
All our students are potential employees of yullia premium beauty salons chain. We are happy and proud to hire successful alumni as we are confident of the quality of their education and skills.
This smooth path from the very first theoretical lesson to loyal and grateful clients is the unique case in beauty industry possible only at yullia.
Join us!